Our Commitment To Privacy

WeSeeMD.com strives to ensure that the information you entrust to us remains confidential and secure. We commit to conducting our services in line with all federal privacy laws and will never sell, distribute, or share any personal information to other parties except when required by law. Our aim is to provide the utmost in physiotherapy services without affecting your privacy and security.

In line with this aim, we provide our clients and patients with this document that lays out our information practices and the choices you have in our information collecting process.

We have sworn to abide by all federal, sector-specific, and provincial privacy laws. We take it as our professional obligation to protect your privacy so long as it is within our legal capacity.

Please feel free to reach us by phone (905) 874-8787 if you have comments, suggestions, and other feedback.

Why the Need for Information?

While we only use your information for newsletter distribution when you allow, we require your personal information in order to serve you efficiently. Disclosing your personal information typically involves filling out the booking form in our website or at our front desk if you decide to visit us to book an appointment.

In terms of opting-out, setting your mail preferences and overall safeguarding and securing your information in physical and electronic forms, we obey Canadian and International laws in the event that we do decide to send out newsletters.

After filing for an appointment, your information enters our database, which relevant personnel and medical professionals can then summon if they need it as reference. Having this information readily at hand allows us to efficiently serve patients. The relevant personnel who have access to your information include physiotherapists, massage therapists, doctors, and supporting personnel such as administration staff.

Registration online is not required, nor do we record your IP address.

What Information Do We Need?

Whenever you book a consultation or an appointment, either through the form on our website or at our front desk, we require these types of information:

● Name
● Email address
● Phone number
● Reason for needing treatment/consultation

We do not use cookies in our website, nor do we use any other means of collecting information other than the form stated above. We do reserve the right to keep any email or other correspondence for future reference.

Who Has Access to Your Information?

Aside from assigned staff members such as your attending physiotherapist, physician, or family doctor, we may disclose your personal information to these agencies or persons:

● Public authorities when legally required
● Health regulatory agencies
● Third parties such as insurance companies and lawyers (Only when disclosure is required by law)
● You, your next of kin, or your legal representative. These persons must be designated by you, and will act on your behalf in case you are unable to do so.

No other parties aside from you, your representative or relevant staff may access your personal information, except after providing all proof of their right to obtain the information as dictated by Canadian and International Law.

How Your Information is Protected

Aside from physical safeguards such as locked doors and biometric locks, network safeguards like firewalls, passwords, and other technical security measures, WeSeeMD.com also uses administrative safeguards such as this privacy policy to protect your valuable information.

Nothing can be absolutely guaranteed, but we make it our utmost obligation to use all necessary measures to secure and protect the information you entrust to us.

Changes in This Policy Policy

We reserve the right to update this privacy policy at any time with no prior notification.

Our clinic understands that preserving our clients’ trust is essential to our success as is impeccable and effective service, that is why we do everything in our capacity to protect that trust.

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