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Welcome to WeSeeMD. We believe that medicine is about keeping you well as much as it about healing you when you’re sick. Meet your personal wellness team, your doctor, your personal lifestyle coach, your naturopath, your nutritionist and your pharmacist.

Meet Your Friendly Health + Wellness Team

It’s about living healthy, looking amazing and being you, only better!

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  • Doctors
  • Pharmacist
  • Lifestyle coaches

Our Services

Naturopathic Doctor

Heal your body the natural way without the use of invasive procedures or pills. Our naturopathic doctors will get to the bottom of your issue so we can treat you effectively. We don’t just look at the symptoms, we get to the root cause and find holistic solutions.

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WeSeeMD is a member of the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN).  A telemedicine appointment is just like a regular appointment; only the doctor or specialist you see + speak with is on a screen while the nurse is in the exam room with you.  OTN is fully covered by OHIP.

What does OTN offer patients?

Access to a specialist from anywhere in Ontario
Timely diagnosis + treatment
Reduced cost and inconvenience of travelling

What happens at a Telemedicine Appointment?

You will check into the WeSeeMD telemedicine clinic just like a regular appointment.  Tele-diagnostic equipment, such as the patient exam camera, may be used by the nurse to assess you. Typically, the Telemedicine Nurse will stay in the room with you for your consultation. You are welcome to bring a family member or friend.

Appointments take place in private, secure rooms and the examination can only be seen + heard by those involved in the consultation.

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OHIP Covered Weight Loss

If you’ve attempted to lose weight through medically-supervised programs and have failed, you may qualify for our OHIP covered weight loss procedures. We offer several types of treatments designed to reduce fat and remove excess skin.

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Medical Exercise Gym

Each person has a unique fitness need dependent on his/her weight, age, gender, lifestyle, genetics + many other factors. Our health experts will create a highly tailored medical exercise program that brings your health to an optimal level.

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Laserbody M.D. Medical Spa

Enjoy a personalized medical procedure that fits your body’s needs with LaserBody M.D.’s Medical Spa treatments. We combine beauty and wellness with the latest medical technology to provide treatments and programs that help bring out your best self.

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Chronic Disease Management

Don’t let a chronic disease get in the way of living your best quality of life. Lessen chronic disease symptoms and prevent them from getting worse. Our team of wellness doctors will design a personalized diet and fitness program that allows you to function everyday with minimal pain and discomfort caused by your disease.

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Getting to the root cause of the problem is required to effectively treat your pain + injury. Our physiotherapists will educate you about your body, identify the root cause, and help you get better so you can take control of your health + life once again.

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Work + Sports Related Injuries

Recovery from an injury is crucial to your work or athletic performance. We are delicate in handling injuries from diagnosis to treatment + from rehabilitation to prevention. We offer treatments that enable you to resume with your activities without pain or discomfort.

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Immunization + Allergy Shots

Whether it’s allergen avoidance or immunity from a specific allergen, we provide you with the care that meets your specific needs. Allergy sufferers greatly benefit from our treatments and can even modify their natural history of specific allergens.

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Massage Therapy

The right touch can relieve many areas of your body which experience pain + discomfort. Our massage therapists are experts at manipulating the body’s soft tissues to bring relief and relaxation to areas that are causing you problems.

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The feet are your body’s foundation. It’s important to provide it with the right cushioning so you’re able to move efficiently + comfortably. We provide state-of-the art custom orthotics to keep your feet balanced and stabilized, so your performance is at its best, whether it’s running, walking or standing.

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How We’re Different

It’s about living healthy, looking amazing and being you, only better!

  • Access to Top Health Care Professionals

    Access to Top Health Care Professionals

    Our rigorous selection process ensures you're getting the best possible care and access to a hand-picked network of top specialists.

  • More Quality Time with Your Provider

    More Quality Time with Your Provider

    Our physicians see one-third fewer patients every day, so they have time to listen and understand your full medical picture.

  • Same-Day Appointments

    Same-Day Appointments

    Avoid expensive ER and urgent care visits by seeing one of our providers, when and where you need to.

  • No Wait

    No Wait

    More than 95% of WeSeeMD appointments start on time or early.

  • We're Here For You

    We're Here For You

    With convenient hours and on-site labs, a doctor is never more than a few minutes away.

  • 24/7 Access

    24/7 Access

    Email your provider anytime and book appointments or treat common medical issues via phone, app, or online.

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If you’d like to register or transfer to a WeSeeMD physician, please complete the following form. For families and couples, kindly complete this form multiple times, once for each individual. Additionally, kindly note that our clinic policy is that we do not accept infants or toddlers unless at least one parent or guardian is enrolled as a patient at WeSeeMD.